symposium: lectures

Laurence Ostyn Nieuws, Nieuws

…is, the sky-as-they-believed-it-‘really’-was. The sky turns blue. The fixed order, in which the sky was golden, begins to break in the human mind. Man is going to share in the


symposium: lezingen

Laurence Ostyn

…it under the sky and in the world-as-we-perceive-it, and not under a golden metaphysical sky as his older contemporaries and the generations before him had done, that is, the sky-as-they-believed-it-‘really’-was….



…Room, the Vestry and the Commissioners Chamber have been realized within the church. The Mirror Room was the office of the Commissioners of Matrimonial Matters and is named after the


once in a lifetime

12 May - 28 August 2016

…first contractions, the moment of birth and the cutting of the umbilical cord with a 16mm camera. The film is not intended for the lily-livered; Brakhage shows everything, in jerkily…



…number of citizens: De Nieuwe Kerk (the New Church). This caused the residents of the city to call the Sint-Nicolaas church the Oude Kerk (the Old Church). from catholic to…


A report on the discussion about the tenability of colonial monuments?

Emma Nieuws

how do we deal with monuments that represent the colonial past? a report on the discussion about the tenability of colonial monuments 20 October 2017 – 16:30-18:00 The chair of…


On the construction of Poems for Earthlings

Brecht Russchen Nieuws

…safe during the Second World War? And who defines the value of heritage? Visitors entering Poems for Earthlings, letting the installation encompass them, will experience the church and the world…


terms and conditions for e-tickets

the Visitor and the Oude Kerk. The paid amount is mentioned on the e-ticket. Upon acquisition of the e-ticket, the lawful cooling-off period of 7 days according to the ‘Law…


about the oude kerk

Laurence Ostyn Nieuws

…admission to the Oude Kerk is €10.00. The Museumjaarkaart pass is valid for all exhibitions. about Jacqueline Grandjean Jacqueline Grandjean (b. Nijmegen, 1968) has been Director of the Oude Kerk…


wandelgesprekken – once in a lifetime

every Saturday, 14 May - 27 August 2016

…by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts AFK , the Sluyterman van Loo Fund, the KunstenIsraël foundation, the Embassy of Israel in the Netherlands, the Mondriaan Fund and the Prins Bernhard…