Silence #52: Vernon Chatlein

7 June 2024

8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

Vernon Chatlein presents IKÚ, a musical programme during this edition of morning series Silence.

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For the 52nd edition of Silence, Vernon Chatlein presents IKÚ.

At the Oude Kerk, Chatlein continues to work on the sonic conversation between his music and the church building, and the history it represents. The musical conversation he started during Ibrahim Mahama's exhibition, together with trumpeter Peter Somuah and pianist Tony Roe, curated by Leendert van der Valk, is now further deepened by Vernon Chatlein in a musical programme called IKÚ.

About IKÚ
In the Yoruba Pantheon, we encounter gods called the Òrìṣà. The Òrìṣà are the gods who mediate in human life. Besides these Òrìṣà, you will also find forces like Ikú, which is the Yoruba concept of Death. For IKÚ, Chatlein will work with High Priestess and Spiritual Healer Mara Letí to research the various elements of Ikú. Expect ritual chants, songs celebrating life and death, rhythms and drums from the Afro-Caribbean. Together, we will explore how the Yoruba concept of death interacts with life. For death has no meaning without life...

About Vernon Chatlein
Vernon Chatlein has developed into a big name in the Dutch Jazz world and a much sought-after percussionist through his constant search for cross-pollinations, celebrating differences as they can lead to new ways and forms. Chatlein is a Curaçao composer and musician with an extensive colour palette. After his university studies, he lived for two years in Cuba, where he studied percussion. In 2009, he moved to the Netherlands to study with the Godfather of Curaçao jazz, pianist Randal Corsen. His solo debut Peace, Love & Music set the tone for his current music, in which he connects jazz and Latin with Antillean rhythms. In his compositions, Chatlein often mixes sound fragments from the archive with his own compositions, bringing "an ode to our ancestors, our language and all its magic.

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