The Oude Kerk is a place for contemporary art and Amsterdam's oldest building.

What we do
Since 1951, the Oude Kerk has been committed to maintaining the building and providing meaningful access to a diverse audience. Since the completion of the restoration in 2013, we have been developing our own programming in which contemporary art and music establish a relationship with heritage. So you will find seven centuries of history in the monumental building and look at the world around us through the eyes of artists past and present.

Today's art is tomorrow's heritage

Vision: Through the interplay between the centuries-old building, in which city and people reflect themselves, and contemporary art, the Oude Kerk aims to stimulate an exchange of ideas about the world around us and to (re)define changing values together.

What is the significance of the Oude Kerk today?

Mission: By bringing together contemporary art and heritage, the Oude Kerk adds new pages to our (art) history and exchanges wonder and reflection with a pluralistic audience.

Our team
The Oude Kerk's program is the result of a collective effort by all Oude Kerk staff, many external partners, suppliers and stakeholders and through the support of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK), Mondriaan Fund, AMMODO and private individuals, among others.

Mariette Dölle
Business Manager
Guido Besselink
Head of Marketing, Communication and Public Affairs
Sinja Bloeme
Marianna van der Zwaag
Brecht Russchen
Project Manager(s) Ilona van den Brekel (interim),  Thamon Blokland
Producer Public Program
 Bram Kroon
Office Manager Madelon Koster
Public Team Coordinator
 Jet Groenland
Facility Manager
Ernst Dullemond
Matteo Imbruno
Advisor music program 
Hala Namer


Rik Bakker, Belle van Bergeijk, Sam Hooghoudt, Gerard van Vuuren, Ingkie Tan, Roua Jafar, Branco Sieljes, Josie Bullock, Marwa Mezher, Naomi Jansen, Maxim de Heer, Esther van Gelder, Andrea Müller, Mina Athanasiou, Olivia Kwee, Vera Scheerlink, Els Dekker.

Supervisory Board
Tjepco van Voorst Vader (chairman)
Esther Agricola
Wouter Han
Roosje Klap
Rein Kronenberg
Allard Meine Jansen
Hermine Pool
Peter Tomson

Partners and external colleagues
Martine Willekens
Exhibition team Anything is Possible
Design/DTP Lopezlab
Printing Drukkerij de Bij
Maarten Nauw, Fabian Landewee, Gert Jan van Rooij, Mike Bink, Aad Hoogendoorn, Natascha Libbert (artist portraits)
Bobbie Wagenaar (Sans Studio), Arjen van Eijk (Xinix Films)

Restoration Fund de Oude Kerk
Rein Kronenberg (chairman)
Jean-Pierre Bienfait
Leo Endedijk
Ubbo Boellaard

Foundation information

Stichting Oude Kerk 
Oudekerksplein 23 Amsterdam
020 625 8284

VAT number: NL 003135718.B01
Chamber of Commerce: s 41200138
IBAN: NL43 ABNA 0465 0468 86 (Stichting Oude Kerk)

The Oude Kerk has ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling).