25 May 2024 until 25 August 2024

Ana Navas – A veil as a glaze

In the presentation, on view from 25 May in three side rooms of the Oude Kerk, artist Ana Navas shows a series of glass works.

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Ana Navas x Oude Kerk 01 low res foto Maarten Nauw
Ana Navas x Oude Kerk 04 low res foto Maarten Nauw
Oude Kerk Saskia ontbijt 2022 foto Maarten Nauw low res 26

'I often see my practice as going behind the traces of an object's genealogical tree. What do 'ancestors' look like, what influences has the object undergone and in what new contexts might it reappear?'.

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In the presentation A veil as a glaze, on view from 25 May in three of the side rooms of the Oude Kerk, artist Ana Navas (Ecuador, 1984, lives and works in Rotterdam) will show a series of glass works whose technique is reminiscent of stained glass as was often used in churches from the Middle Ages onwards.

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A veil as a glaze

By taking objects out of context, she plays with the relationship between form and function and the relationship between original and copy. At the Oude Kerk, Navas became interested in the painted wallpaper in the Mirror Room, full of colourful floral vines and birds. Rembrandt van Rijn's presence is palpable in the room, where he recorded his marriage to Saskia van Uylenburgh, who was not allowed to be there herself. In Navas' search for portraits of Saskia, she came across a portrait Rembrandt painted in 1634 of Saskia as Flora, the Roman goddess of spring. Her interest in how forms and images can sink in people's collective memory and the combination of power and identity of women - emerge in the presentation in the three side rooms.

3Package Deal

Ana Navas was selected as an artist in the 3Package Deal 2022/2023, an initiative of the AFK and Bureau Broedplaatsen of the Municipality of Amsterdam. Art institutions form a coalition and mentor a talented artist for a year. The Reinwardtacademie, H401, Museum Van Loon and the Oude Kerk form the Interhistoricity coalition.