Monuments #13: Sound Rebellion

8 June 2024

8:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Site-specific improvised sound piece linked to the architecture and acoustics of the space.

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About the concert
As a site-specific improvised sound event, Sound Rebellion’s concert is intrinsically linked to the architecture and acoustics of Oude Kerk, exploring the full range of sonic possibilities that this majestic space has to offer. The music for this June 8 program will draw further inspiration from the exhibit of glass works by artist Ana Navas, reflecting the colours and transparency through the shimmering sounds of the Oude Kerk’s historic pipe organs and the electronics. Another link with her work is our approach to the organ as a musical object that undergoes several influences over time, depending on its users, depending on hierarchies, and the contexts in that organ music might reappear today, reflecting techniques and inspirations from the past.

Oude Kerk Monuments 13 Sound Rebellion 26 low res foto Maarten Nauw

About Sound Rebellion
Sound Rebellion is an international collective composed of three organists and one electronic musician, improvising together and transforming socio-political issues and human experiences through sound. The themes of the collective revolve around rebellious people and activities. Sound Rebellion delivers thematic concerts that incorporate socio-politically and environmentally relevant themes. The collective promotes new ways of making sound at the organ (with reduced wind or half-obstructed pallets, sound masses). The organ takes on a completely new role as an instrument – neither sacred nor profane, but rather as a mediator. Michele Del Prete blends his sound samples with the collective improvisations of the three organists (Elisabeth Hubmann, Giulio Tosti, Adrian Foster), who improvise on multiple large pipe organs (in churches or concert halls) or sometimes on portable instruments.The encounter between new media and unconventional organ sounds can so be translated into complex, interwoven music.

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