Contemplative walks

April 15 - May 25 2021

From 15 April, the doors of the Oude Kerk will be open for contemplative walks during regular opening hours. After reserving a time slot, and confirming your health, the walk can begin. You will be given a cup of hot tea, because it is just as cold in the church as it is outside. Along the way, you will also …


Aimée Zito Lema – Here is where we meet

May 25 - August 22 2021

The exhibition Here is Where We Meet by Aimée Zito Lema was supposed to open in April. Due to the measures surrounding COVID-19, an official opening is not possible. In the past three years, Zito Lema has investigated two conflict situations of which the Oude Kerk forms the centre: the Beeldenstorm (roughly: ‘image storm’) of 1566 and the recent resistance …


The 5 Minute Apocalypse

March 3 - September 20 2021

Due to the closure of our doors because of COVID-19 and the restoration of the tower, we realised that the exterior of the church is the only place where people can still see something new and something old. We therefore asked Berlin-based artist Dennis Rudolph to create a new work for the outside of the church tower – The 5 …