Aimée Zito Lema – Here is where we meet

June 9 - August 22 2021

Change: it is perhaps the only constant in the eventful history of the Oude Kerk and in society. How do we deal with change over time and what precedes it? These questions are central to the installation by artist Aimée Zito Lema in the Oude Kerk. For the past three years Zito Lema has been delving into the archives of …


The 5 Minute Apocalypse

March 3 - September 20 2021

Due to the closure of our doors because of COVID-19 and the restoration of the tower, we realised that the exterior of the church is the only place where people can still see something new and something old. We therefore asked Berlin-based artist Dennis Rudolph to create a new work for the outside of the church tower – The 5 …