24 November 2016 - prolonged till 30 April 2017

marinus boezem

Marinus Boezem (b. 1934) put conceptual art on the Dutch map with lucid clarity and plenty of humour. Like a travelling salesman with a suitcase full of ideas, in the 1960s he toured museums and art institutions to hawk his work. In the Oude Kerk Boezem has created a vertical labyrinth in which you disappear and reappear. The crux of this exhibition is Boezem’s new work: a lift transports you to the top of the church up to the highest church window – like a deus ex machina. From a dizzying height you can view the monumental space from a whole new perspective. Look closely, and catch a glimpse of the personal message that the artist has left somewhere up on high.


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Oude Kerk wants to connect the past with the present, with contemporary art and music in the oldest building of Amsterdam.

As Vriend van de Oude Kerk (Friend of Oude Kerk), member of the Tien Gilden van de Oude Kerk (Ten Guilds of Oude Kerk), or with a one-time donation, you contribute directly to the programme and the conservation of special heritage.

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Monday till Saturday 10:00h – 18:00h
(ticket desk closes at 17:45h)

Sunday 13:00h – 17:30h
(ticket desk closes at 17:15h)

24 December 10:00h – 15.00h
31 December 10:00h – 16:00h

Closed on April 27 (King’s Day)

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