Queer Sex Worker's Day

27 July 2023

1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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On this afternoon, the Oude Kerk opens its doors for free as part of Queer Sex Workers' Day. Sex workers and sex work activists will provide an extensive programme of performances and talks in the Oude Kerk. From their own perspective, they will talk about their work and relationship with the neighbourhood. The Oude Kerk is located in the heart of the Red Light District, where sex workers have been working for centuries. In 1306, the Oude Kerk was even dedicated to the patron saint of prostitutes, Saint Nicholas. With this programme, we are citing our historical connection with sex workers and offering them a stage so that they can share their perspectives and experiences.


13:00 - 17:45 - Ongoing mini art exhibition

There will be an ongoing mini-exhibition of visual art by 5 sex working visual artists presenting their work in the Oude Kerk

13:00-15:00 - Pop-up Peep Show

Peep Show Hoes - A collective of sex-working artists performing from a corona-friendly, 1-on-1, mobile peep show on wheels. Members of the collective perform together for small groups and individuals for a pop-up peep show in the church.

Oude Kerk Rode Raam Gesprek 12 low res foto Maarten Nauw

15:30-16:30 - Mainstage sex workers performance
This beautifully curated, super-sexy immersive show offers interdisciplinary performances by five different sex workers. Led by an MC, you can enjoy acts combining dance, spoken-word, poetry and music.

Maryo, Spoken Word & Dance -
Turning their personal experience into expertise for the betterment of sex workers is Maryo's artistic goal. That is why Maryo has been specialising in finding effective ways to tell her story in different forms for about three years now. This time, Maryo will tell her story through a spoken-word comic performance.

Reyer, Music & Dance - "Crossing Rivers" is a performance research project that combines text, music-making and dance. The concept explores material that travels from conforming to non-conforming entities and texts that change from non-fiction to fiction. Reyer explores the connections between the two and the extremely difficult transitions between them.

The Honey Experience, Dance - Honey's erotic work and art puts emotions, the layered experience of desire, sensuality and the beauty and freedom of human sexuality at the centre through dance.

16.30-17:45 - Cumulative panel and performance

The programme closes with a moderated panel conversation and a performance. The panel will focus on the intersections of activism, trans sex work and migration.