It's OK... Circle 4: Roots in the Oude Kerk #2

21 July 2023

5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Public gathering and conversation.

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Moderator: Gijs Stork / Co-moderator: Karolina Wargin
Guests: Jennifer Tosch, Harald Schole, Koen & Martijn (AEIGS), May Leegte and Hassani Brar.

This circle, curated by curators Gijs Stork and Karolina Wargin, focuses on making unknown relationships in and around the Oude Kerk visible on the basis of the graves in the church. In conversations with people whose ancestors were buried in the Oude Kerk, or who now live at the addresses of these ancestors, space will be made for unexpected stories and transhistorical (connections).

In this second meeting, the guests will take us on a varied journey through hidden and diverse stories from the past, present and future. Artist patricia kaersenhout will talk about the importance of revealing forgotten histories as a way to reclaim dignity and create transformative justice. Jennifer Tosch - founder and CEO of "Black Heritage Tours", will lead us through her work in Amsterdam and we will reflect together on how we can all become time travellers.

We will then explore the connections within the Oude Kerk past and present with artist Harald Schole, Koen and Martijn from student disco troupe 'AEGIS'.

About It's OK... commoning uncertainties
This circle is part of the multi-year collective art project It's OK... commoning uncertainties and narrating different realities. From May 26 to September 24 in the Oude Kerk, for more information about It's OK... look here.

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