Gathering #3: Future sounds and beyond: the non aligned

18 March 2023

8:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

New voices from the African diaspora

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Invited by artist and curator Richard Kofi, DJ Chinnamasta, choreographer and performer Christian Guerematchi and rapper Suzooki Swift explore the meaning and diversity of black European identity through music and performance. Central to this is the concept of ‘the non-aligned’, taken from the international political movement set up during the Cold War by countries that did not want to belong to the West or the Soviet Union. What does a non-aligned positioning mean in art? Can it contribute to artistic freedom? Does it inspire our (political) identity formation or activism? And what do we feel in our bodies when we think ourselves free from dominant historiography and political systems?

Oude Kerk Gathering 3 low res 034 foto Maarten Nauw

Raziyah Heath, is a critic, junior curator, programmer and writer and regularly performs as Chinnamasta. Chinnamasta is an Amsterdam-based Caribbean DJ and sonic/cultural researcher, where DJing is an extension of her practice, research and presentation. She is particularly interested in the cross-pollination of sonic landscapes and cultures between peoples. She connects past, present and future through rhythms, archives, samples, vocals and bass drawing on musical movements from across the African diaspora. Chinnamasta, meaning goddess of death, rebirth and contradictions, is in search of the significant impact and influence of Caribbean music worldwide, and the cross-pollination of cultures within the post-colonial African diaspora.

Choreographer/performer Christian Guerematchi performs part of the performance N.A.M.-Non Aligned Movement, a dance solo in search of Black European identity and the codes of the Black body. The title is taken from the movement of governmental organisations that played a major role in the struggle for independence among so-called Third World countries from the 1960s onwards. Josip Tito, president of former Yugoslavia was one of the founders of this movement. Christian staged this performance in January at Ibrahim Mahama’s Red Clay Studio in Ghana. Christian Guerematchi is a Slovenian creator and performer. He danced with the National Ballet in Maribor before settling in the Netherlands and joining IKC Amsterdam. He danced for Emio Greco, among others. Since 2019, he has been creating his own compositions. Guerematchi uses dance to search for new meanings and relationships of Black people in society. and sees dance as a means to seek connections with ourselves and the other through the language of the body.

Rapper-producer Suzooki Swift explores the boundaries between reality and fiction. Her debut EP ‘Suzooki Swift’ – consisting of hard beats and lyrical madness – is the perfect soundtrack to go completely wild on. An energetic show you don’t want to miss.

Gathering #3 is the third and final context programme around Ibrahim Mahama’s installation Garden of Scars currently on display at the Oude Kerk. The programme is curated by artist and curator Richard Kofi.