Frank Bruggeman: Epitaphes insolites

14 July – 28 July 2023

Six-part installation on tombstones.

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Frank Bruggeman's artistry has its origins in his fascination with plant life and the botanical world. As a designer of objects, installations and works for public spaces, Frank Bruggeman explores the dividing lines between nature and culture. Opinions on what exactly nature is and where culture begins often differ widely. Moreover, nature is a changeable concept. Prevailing ideas about nature are often very different from those of the past, but outdated concepts can have a very long life. It is still often difficult to draw the line between the two, just as a landscape that seems very natural may actually be the work of human hands.

This installation is part of the circle 'Roots in the Oude Kerk. This circle, curated by curators Gijs Stork and Karolina Wargin, focuses on making unknown relationships in and around the Oude Kerk visible on the basis of the graves in the church. In conversations with people whose ancestors were buried in the Oude Kerk, or who now live at the addresses of these ancestors, space will be made for unexpected stories and transhistorical (connections).

Oude Kerk 21 07 2023 LND Wstudio 0026