Evening Opening: Red Window

20 June 2024

6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Visit Giorgio Andreotta Calò's red stained glass on the longest day.

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Traditionally, on the longest day of the year, we reflect on the relationship between contemporary art and heritage. As 2024 is a leap year, this will take place on 20 June. On the evening of Thursday, 20 June, you are warmly invited to visit the Holy Sepulchre Chapel and the red glass installation, Anastasis, by artist Giorgio Andreotta Calò. Our viewing hosts will be happy to discuss the installation, its background, and the context of the work. To mark the sixth anniversary of the piece, organist Dick Koomans will perform on the Transept Organ.

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About Anastasis

The red stained-glass window in the Holy Sepulchre Chapel is a work of art by Giorgio Andreotta Calò (Venice, 1979) titled Anastasis. It reflects on the layered past of the Oude Kerk, highlighting the origins of the space where it is displayed: the Holy Sepulchre Chapel. Built in 1515 as "prope sepulchrum domini" (the tomb of Christ), it is a replica of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Red light also burns there, keeping vigil at Christ's tomb. The glass is handcrafted, patinated, mouth-blown glass in red. The installation of the window sparked controversy and even led to a lawsuit. For this reason, we organize an annual program on the longest day of the year to discuss the work and related topics.