Between Light | Children of the Light and Jacob Lekkerkerker, 2019

Arts and heritage
Between Light was a moving light work by the artist duo Children of the Light, accompanied by an organically growing composition by organist and composer Jacob Lekkerkerker. Every evening, during the blue hour when the remaining sun takes on a mostly blue shade, visitors could hear the newly restored Vater-Müller organ throughout the monumental church space, while the 25 meter long lightwork, situated in the axis of the church, was set in motion. The hanging line, naturally curved by gravity, seemed to float. The light seemed static at first, but it moved smoothly in the distance. The 24-minute series was a balanced choreography of gravity, time and space. The light was hypnotizing, it stimulated moments of reflection, and made people aware of the principle of disappearance and return, of day and night, of the stable and reliable rhythm of sunrise and sunset.