27 June 2015 until 06 September 2015

Taturo Atzu: The Garden which is nearest to God

The Oude Kerk presents: Taturo Atzu: The Garden which is nearest to God.

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Atzu's werk was een ervaring die vraagtekens plaatste bij de betekenis van het monument en die het spanningsveld blootlegt tussen publieke en private ruimte.

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A garden has risen above Amsterdam's Red Light District. Japanese artist Taturo Atzu created on top of Amsterdam's Oude Kerk The Garden which is nearest to God.

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Background of the installation

Commissioned by the Oude Kerk, the Japanese artist Taturo Atzu realised a sensational transformation by constructing a temporary platform on the roof of the Oude Kerk. For ten weeks ‘The Garden Which is the Nearest to God’ transforms the roof of the Oude Kerk into an exhilarating attraction; its unorthodox function offering us new sights and insights. Atzu's installation not only refers to the classical idea of a church as meeting place; this project also embodies the gradual shift from religious to cultural space.

About Taturo Atzu

Taturo Atzu was born in Aichi Prefecture in 1960. After studying at Musashino Art University, he went to Germany in 1987 and studied sculpture at the Kunstakademie Münster. He is internationally renowned for his large-scale public projects. Atzu's works transform familiar public items, such as a city monument or streetlight, into an object placed in a private space, like a living room or a hotel room. By transforming public structures into private spaces, he demolishes the notion of the everyday and provoke an intense frisson of excitement in the viewer.