Silence #39: Anthea Caddy

7 October 2022

8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

Morning concert with cellist and sound artist Anthea Caddy, in collaboration with Sonic Acts

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Cellist and sound artist Anthea Caddy's performance - as part of Sonic Acts Biennial 2022 - took place during the rising of the sun.

Using two parabolic speakers, Caddy explored sound as a physical phenomenon in the space of the Oude Kerk. Her cello sounds, which were electronically processed live, coloured the space in an unison with the church's unique acoustic properties. The amplified sound reverberated against the stone or glass surfaces of the church. Caddy worked closely with media artist and engineer Miodrag Gladovic for this project.

About Sonic Acts

Sonic Acts is an international festival for audiovisual arts. The 2022 Biennial took place at various venues during the month of October.

Oude Kerk Silence 39 low res 21 foto Maarten Nauw