Guided Tour Beatrix Ruf

13 April 2024

3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Curator-led tour of the exhibition by Beatrix Ruf.

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On the penultimate day of the exhibition, (guest) curator Beatrix Ruf will discuss the exhibition she has curated featuring Meredith Monk's work at the Oude Kerk. Take a walk with her through the building and learn more about the background of Monk's extensive body of work and the creation of the exhibition.

Largest Retrospective Exhibition

Meredith Monk: Calling
celebrates the visionary work of contemporary music icon, Meredith Monk. The exhibition provides a unique retrospective of her influential interdisciplinary artistry. With her distinctive approach to the human voice and her mysterious, playful, and unconventional compositions, performances, films, and installations, Monk has been pushing the boundaries of music, performance, and visual art for four decades.

Oude Kerk Meredith Monk opening 059 low res foto Maarten Nauw

Meredith Monk – Calling is a co-presentation of the Oude Kerk Amsterdam and Hartwig Art Foundation. The exhibition has been curated by Beatrix Ruf, director of the Hartwig Art Foundation, in close collaboration with Meredith Monk and The House Foundation for the Arts in New York.