It's OK... Circle 5: Not in Your Box #1

12 August 2023

3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Series of skits.

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This circle, consisting of current and former sex workers and/or lifetime activists, examines how institutions, including the police, politicians, aid workers, and religious organisations, can harm the community under the guise of aid or good intentions. LiL & Charlotte formed the circle alongside Alejandra, Susanne, Angel, and Melanie.

On 12 August, they present skits to demonstrate actual scenarios they, or other members of the community, have experienced first-hand where people from institutions have attempted to help but instead caused harm.

The next circle meeting in this series will take place on August 18.

More information about the programme and tickets will follow soon.

About It's OK... commoning uncertainties
This circle is part of the multi-year collective art project It's OK... commoning uncertainties and narrating different realities. From May 26 to September 24 in the Oude Kerk, for more information about It's OK... look here.

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