Choir Screen

Arts and heritage
'The prolonged misuse of God's church was here undone again in the year seventy-eight' This text is written in golden letters on the frieze of the choir screen, which is part of the barrier between the High Choir and the Nave. In 1681, the old sixteenth-century choir screen was replaced by this piece in Dutch classicist style, designed by Adriaen Cuyper in collaboration with carpenter Adriaen de Jonge. A lattice in the shape of stylized trees, made by Gillis Wijbrants, was applied in the gaps of the screen. Wijbrants style is the auricular – or so-called kwab-style, a decorative style only used in the Netherlands that is characterized by the use of abstract and soft shapes. An exhibition on this particular style, called 'KWAB. Dutch Design in the century of Rembrandt' was on display at the Rijksmuseum from June 30th to September 16th, 2018. It included parts of the choir screen.