There is always some restoration or other in progress in the Oude Kerk. For centuries – and to this day – craftsmen have been working on the conservation and restoration of this monumental building. On this page you can read more about current restorations. Have a look!

restoration of painted wall covering in the mirror room
Standing in the Mirror Room, you find yourself in a multicoloured eighteenth-century painting full of flowers and birds. It is one of the Oude Kerk’s most elegant side rooms. The colourfully painted linen wall coverings adorn almost all of the walls and doors. The canvas to which the coverings are affixed has started to sag because the ancient frames are worn out. The paint is peeling in various places as well, and a thick layer of dust, overpaintings and restorations are obscuring the wall coverings from view. Damages and previous restorations have caused the coverings to lose their original lustre. After extensive research into the history and condition of the eighteenth-century wall coverings was carried out, they are currently being restored to their former glory in public and preserved for future generations as best as possible. Click here for more information on the history of the Mirror Room, its wall coverings and the restoration process.

found wallpaper
Three pieces of 18th-century wallpaper were recently found in the attic above the churchwardens’ room. These pieces clearly show how fragile and vulnerable such cloths were. On coarsely woven linen, traces of two painted ensembles can be seen. Read more about the wallpaper here.

restoration of the stained-glass windows in the lady chapel
Amsterdam is built on piles. As a result, many of the city’s monuments face subsidence problems. One of these is the Oude Kerk, which monitors its subsidence problems continuously. As the city’s first stone building, the Oude Kerk is founded on its most ancient piles. Beneath the building, there are two different foundation systems that cause pressure and tension on the walls. They have also caused damage to the stained glass windows on the east side of the Lady Chapel. These windows are currently being restored in our restoration studio. Click here for more information about the stained glass and the restoration process.

Photo’s: Maarten Nauw