walk & talk: raquel van haver

26 November 2022 | 11 am - 12 am

Walk with artist Raquel van Haver through the Oude Kerk and Mahama’s new installation Garden of Scars on Saturday 26 November. From her own perspective, she will reflect on Mahama’s installation.

about the walk & talk
Garden of Scars is an installation that invites you to walk through it. Speakers from different fields of knowledge walk through the Oude Kerk  and discuss questions and thoughts that the work raises in their minds. Unlike usual museum guides, the ‘walkers’ are thinkers and makers, who choose their own perspective as a starting point.
On Saturday 26 November, you can walk with artist Raquel van Haver (Bogota, 1989).  Drawing from her artistic practice, she will choose her own angle to discuss Mahama’s work.
The language of communication is Dutch.

about raquel van haver
Raquel van Haver (Columbia, 1989) is a Dutch artist. With her raw, narrative and figurative paintings, she emphasises the similarities between groups of people. She works with various materials on canvas, such as burlap, oil paint, charcoal, resin, tar and ash. Her work is characterised by a special focus on groups of people on the margins of society. The paintings explore topics such as racial identity and altruism and are rooted in the imagery of diverse cultural traditions, including African, Western and Latin American. Her works are often monumental in scale, sometimes dark and ominous, and continue to push the boundaries between social hierarchies.

more walks & talks
More walks with artists and thinkers talking about Mahama’s work from their own perspectives and areas of knowledge will follow in the coming months.

Photo: Maarten Nauw