walk & talk: marianna van der zwaag

18 December 2022 | 2 pm - 3 pm

Walk through the Oude Kerk and Ibrahim Mahama’s installation Garden of Scars with curator Marianna van der Zwaag on Sunday 18 December. Van der Zwaag will talk about the background and creation of the work. 

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about the walk & talk
Garden of Scars is an installation that invites you to walk through it. Artists, curators and critics discuss questions and thoughts raised by the work, based on their own expertise and background. Unlike usual museum guides, the ‘walkers’ are thinkers and makers, choosing their own perspective as a starting point.
On Sunday 18 December, you can walk along with curator Marianna van der Zwaag. She will reflect on the background and creation of the work.
*The language of communication is Dutch.

about marianna van der Zwaag
Marianna van der Zwaag is curator at the Oude Kerk.  Under her direction, installations by artists Susan Philipsz, The Fall (2021) and Antonio Obá, Path (2022) came about. Previously, she worked at the Oude Kerk on opening up various historical side spaces around the building and collection presentations. She is also director and curator of art platform Welcome Stranger.

more walks & talks
More walks with artists and thinkers talking about Mahama’s work from their own perspectives and areas of knowledge will follow in the coming months.

Photo: LNDW Studio