walk & talk: eveline sint nicolaas

17 December 2022 | 3 pm - 4 pm

Walk with curator Eveline Sint Nicolaas through the Oude Kerk and Ibrahim Mahama’s installation Garden of Scars on Saturday 17 December. From a historical perspective, she will reflect on Mahama’s installation.

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about the walk & talk
Garden of Scars is an installation that invites you to walk through it. Artists, curators and critics discuss questions and thoughts raised by the work, based on their own expertise and background. Unlike usual museum guides, the ‘walkers’ are thinkers and makers, choosing their own perspective as a starting point.
On Saturday 17 December, you can walk with curator Eveline Sint Nicolaas. She will choose a historical perspective to discuss Mahama’s work.
*The language of communication is Dutch.

about eveline sint nicolaas
Eveline Sint Nicolaas is a curator in the History Department of the Rijksmuseum. Among other things, she worked on the exhibition and book Slavery (2021), and wrote Chains and Bands: Suriname and the Netherlands since 1660, using the Rijksmuseum’s collection (2018). A recurring theme in her work is the question of how to pay attention to colonial history in a museum when the objects and paintings are missing to tell that history from different perspectives. Do existing museum collections perhaps offer more opportunities than we think? What is the role of the museum building and accompanying texts? And with what objects and stories can we use to give multiple perspectives on colonial history a place in museums?

more walks & talks
The coming months will see more walks with artists and thinkers who will talk about Mahama’s work from their own perspectives and areas of expertise. For example, with the curator of Garden of Scars, Marianna van der Zwaag on Sunday 18 December.

Photo: Maarten Nauw