The World After #10 – David Helbich

June 1

In The World After we invite artists to respond to questions about the Anthropocene after the Coronavirus pandemic. This project is inspired by the exhibition Poems for Earthlings by Adrián Villar Rojas. More information about the project and other artist contributions can be found on our overview pageThe World After is initiated by the Oude Kerk in collaboration with mister Motley.

The World After #10
David Helbich, Score for becoming, 2020

During the lockdown, artist and composer David Helbich created Scores for looking out the window, a series of instructions for the gaze out the window. These mini-pieces are made for the eye, the look and the mind, the thought.

The concept of inventing scores/instructions for self-performances comes with the idea that art can be a guide for an “intro-active” mode of esthetic experiences. More than showing off creativity and originality these works invite the audience to take agency, be inspired and use the art for their own needs.

For the Oude Kerk, Helbich responded to the question of preparing ourselves for the time after the lockdown. His contribution to The World After is Score for Becoming, a piece you can perform yourself anytime, anywhere.

In 2016 Helbich presented Echo-Ovations for Slammed Doors, a sound performance made especially for the Oude Kerk. For more information about Scores for looking out the window see Helbich’s website and Instagram page.