symposium: the resurrection of the image

June 21, 2018

Iconoclastic Fury came to the Oude Kerk in 1566. The absence of images is still visible today; empty spots on the pillars in the choir remind us of the years of the Reformation – a schism in Western Christianity initiated by Martin Luther and continued by John Calvin and other Protestant Reformers in sixteenth-century Europe. The Reformation was not the result of some ‘pure’ theological debate about images, but of the rejection of the ecclesiastical hierarchy and its use of rituals, objects and visual propaganda.

In this symposium we aim to reconnect iconoclasm to our times. What impact does iconoclasm have on current thoughts on the image? Can the image reappear inside the church? And if so, will its meaning change within the context of a museum?
During the symposium, experts on contemporary art, iconoclasm, occidentality and liturgy will speak on iconoclasm in relation to the work of Giorgio Andreotta Calò. Together with the audience we will draw conclusions and create new perspectives on the impact of the image in artistic and religious contexts. We thereby aim to present a non-Eurocentric approach.


  • 05:00   chance to experience Anastasis
  • 06:00   introduction
    Jacqueline Grandjean, director and curator Oude Kerk
  • 06:15   interview with Giorgio Andreotta Calò
    Loreno Benedetti, curator Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen (CH)
  • 07:00   on the meaning of colour in liturgy
    Prof. Marcel Barnard, professor of Practical Theology at the
    Protestant Theological University (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • 07:40   break
  • 08:15   holy versus God: on the holiness of the image
    Dr. Marc De Kesel (PhD in philosophy), senior Researcher at the
    Titus Brandsma Instituut
  • 08:40   picturing the divine: the sacred in a church turned museum
    Dr. Lieke Wijnia, art historian and religious scientist
  • 09:30   drinks
  • 10:00   sunset moment in the Oude Kerk

symposium: the resurrection of the lost image
can the image re-appear after iconoclasm?
21 June 2018, 17:00-22:00

tickets: 7,50 euro (online tickets)

Admission is free for students, we are public and Friends pass.