June 5, 2014

How does the artwork relate to a world in flux? To what extent do context, perception and interpretation change the value, meaning, essence of an artwork? The title of the manifestation Superposition is a term used in quantum mechanics to denote how matter can manifest itself in all possible states at once. In both the exhibition SUPERPOSITION and various debates and performances we investigate how this term could be applied to an artwork. What if we try to view the artwork as a range of possibilities rather than a uniform object? On Thursday 5 June, visual artists Austin Houldsworth, Ruth Legg, Paulien Oltheten and Naro Snackey will present their view on art in flux through time. Superposition is supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst. Image: The Human Fossil Project, “2 Million and 1AD” © Austin Houldsworth.