silence #33: maria w horn, mats erlandsson

December 3, 2021

On 3 December, in the Silence series, a concert by Swedish composer Maria W. Horn with her partner Mats Erlandsson on organ will take place in collaboration with the Fiber Festival, the festival at which artists and visitors can experience cutting-edge audio-visual art, electronic music and design.

Maria W. Horn will play a set for organ and electronics together with Mats Erlandsson, with a leading role for the Vater-Müller organ of the Oude Kerk. Maria is interested in the manipulation of time and space using the extremes of sound. Her work plays with aspects of people’s perception. How do psychoacoustic phenomena, overload or loss of perceptual stimuli function and how do they allow us to transcend everyday life and bring us into an alternative mental state?

The young Swedish composer Maria W. Horn is part of the Sthlm Drone Society and works with the XKatedral label. Her compositions comprise slow and gradually evolving music in which tone colour is the main musical parameter. Maria studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and the College of Fine Arts Berlin. She has performed throughout Europe and America as well as at MUTEK Mexico City, Insomnia Festival Tromsø, Stanford Live, CTM Festival Berlin, Madeira Digital, LOST Festival Parma and MUTEK Montreal.

silence #33
3 December 2021, 8 a.m. – 9 a.m.