silence #33: maria w horn, mats erlandsson

3 December 2021

On 3 December, as the sun rises, music by Swedish electronic composer Maria W Horn will be heard in the Oude Kerk in a new collaboration between the Oude Kerk and FIBER Festival. This collaboration gives space to a worldwide trend of new organ music, which slowly unfolds along long musical lines in the grand acoustics of churches and cathedrals. For the first time since the extensive restoration of the Oudekerkstoren, the famous Vater-Müller organ will also be played again this Friday morning.

There have been morning concerts in the Oude Kerk since November 2016. The morning series Silence focuses on music in which acoustic, digital and electronic sounds merge with each other. The audience can relate to the sound in a unique spatial way; often moving through the space, or sitting between musicians and sound sources. In cooperation with FIBER festival, on 3 December, Swedish composer Maria W Horn will play a concert with organist Mats Erlandsson in which organ and electronics meet. In this way, they create an in-situ and hybrid instrument, in which the timbre of the organ and the acoustic properties of the space are amplified and transformed. A unique aspect of their working method is the anchoring of new sounds within the harmonic language of traditional organ music. How does the Vater-Müller organ from 1724 sound in dialogue with computer-generated sounds, and how do the two merge in the acoustic space of the Oude Kerk?

Maria W Horn works with the manipulation of time and space by using extremes of sound and frequencies. She plays with human perception, and wants to entice her audience to surrender to an alternative mental state. Together with Kali Malone, Maria W Horn is the founder of the leading music label XKatedral, which releases music by international names such as Ellen Arkbro, Caterina Barbieri, Kali Malone, Maria W Horn, Mats Erlandsson and David Granström.

music in oude kerk
The Oude Kerk is not only the oldest building in Amsterdam,it is also the oldest music temple in the city. It is a place wheremusical traditions have been created, passed on and renewedfor over 700 years. In the Saturday evening Monuments series,leading organists from the Netherlands and abroad play musicby composers in whose oeuvre the organ occupies a centralposition. Playing the Cathedral is a residency programme inwhich nationally and internationally renowned musicians areinvited to create new work especially for the church space. In the Oude Kerk, you get to hear well-known masterpieces in new ways and pioneering works performed by living legends.

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Foto: Maarten Nauw