POSTPONED: Silence #31 x David Helbich – The World After: Conversation Pieces

November 6

Please note: this performance has been moved because of the corona measures. As soon as a new date is known, we will announce it here.

What shamefully is called social distancing, is, and should be called: physical respect; is actually an inscription into our body, skin and thought, and movement, and stillness. If there is any preparation, not for the time after, but for the time from since, from now and for then, it is a kind of training or practice that prepares our individual self for the social negotiations and choreographies in being someone with others. The dances of our eyes, the readings of each other’s sounds, the feeling of presence and the negotiations of greetings  

David Helbich (Berlin, 1973, from: The World After: Conversation Pieces, Oude Kerk 2020)

There will be the cough before the silence, then
Expectation; and the hush of portent
Must be welcomed by a diffident music
Lisping and dividing its renewals
–W.S. Merwin, from: “Dictum: For a Masque of Deluge”

Silence #31 is a concert-performance with as instruments 8 doors of the Oude Kerk, ‘played’ live by 8 performers, sounding through 8 loudspeakers in the church. It is a sequel to the performance Echo Ovations for Slamming Doors that David Helbich developed for the Oude Kerk in 2016. A performance to impress the living and honour the dead, and to dwell on the now, the here. Sweelinck has left the building. Sweelinck is in the house! Van Uylenburgh has left the building. Van Uylenburgh is in the house! More than 10,000 people have left the building. More than 10.000 people are in the house!

The performance is in the tradition of deep listening: concentrating on sounds that occur to you in an environment and discovering musicality and unexpected structures. An event during which the rattling of the doors is felt physically and mentally: as a definitive moment of separation between inside and outside. But also as the opening of an in-between space, a shared space. The Oude Kerk as a sounding board of seeming sounds in which a community is formed, of who is here, of who was here.

about silence
The Oude Kerk stands in the Red Light District. In the morning, when the sun rises and the city slowly wakes up, it’s quiet: it’s striking how beautiful this centuries-old neighbourhood really is. Every first Friday of the month at 8 o’clock in the morning you can enjoy the contemporary music programme Silence. For these concerts, a musical tribute to the space and acoustics of the Oude Kerk, a new generation of musicians and artists works together: innovative spirits in search of adventure. The concerts are curated by Jacob Lekkerkerker, music curator and organist of the Oude Kerk. The sound direction of this concert is in the hands of Frank van der Weij.

Silence #31 x David Helbich – The World After: Conversation Pieces
New date TBA