silence #29: david kweksilber (livestream)

May 15, 2020

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There will be the cough before the silence, then
Expectation; and the hush of portent
Must be welcomed by a diffident music
Lisping and dividing its renewals
–W.S. Merwin, from: “Dictum: For a Masque of Deluge”

On May 15, David Kweksilber will explore the acoustics of the empty Oude Kerk with a bass clarinet, responding to a composition by organist Jacob Lekkerkerker. This special edition of Silence can be attended remotely via a live stream.

About Silence
The Silence morning series has been taking place in the Oude Kerk since November 2016. When the sun rises and the city slowly wakes up, it is always quiet here. Normally you can enjoy our contemporary music program here every first Friday of the month at 8 o’clock in the morning. These concerts bring together a new generation of musicians: innovative minds in search of adventure. Visitors and musicians wander through the church to discover how the music sounds in different places. This creates a new tradition of spatial music in an ancient building, in the changing context of seasons and exhibitions.

For the time being, because of Covid-19, all concerts have been postponed. But our search for a new sound, the voice of our ancient building, continues. The coming months, we will investigate how we can share the deep layering of acoustics. Once a month we offer listeners an imaginary sound journey through the Oude Kerk. In this way, we are working on a new future for the Silence concerts.

Silence # 29: David Kweksilber
In 2019, organist Jacob Lekkerkerker played a composition in the Oude Kerk for 40 days in a row, in combination with the light artwork Between Light by Children of the Light. He combined the 40 recordings into one soundtrack. Microphones at the floor of the aisles amplified the bass of the Vater-Müller organ, microphones inside the organ picked up the softest sounds, microphones in the central nave recorded the grand monumental sound.

This soundtrack is the starting point for a new live concert by saxophonist and clarinettist David Kweksilber. He improvises live from the high choir of the church, adding another layer of sound. The listener travels remotely through the church, through the sound of the organ, the sound of the acoustics, the sound of the instruments in the high choir.

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Silence #29
Friday 15 May, 2020, 8 AM