silence #22

2 August 2019

Early in the morning the Oude Kerk is a meditative oasis in the city, with an enervating sunrise that casts light through the church’s towering windows. At this early hour you can enjoy the Silence music programme, which provides a contemplative contrast to the normally hectic city centre. 

silence #22
After 5 years of restoration, the Vater-Müller organ was completely restored in May 2019. It sounds prominent during this Silence concert in a composition by organist Jacob Lekkerkerker, the director of music of the Oude Kerk. In Cathedral Mobile, the movement of sound through the architectural space is central. Live recorded organ sounds are electronically processed and sound through speakers in harmony with acoustic instruments.
The musicians of Silence #22 are Alfredo Genovesi (electronics), Oene van Geel (viola), Gareth Davis (bass clarinet) and Jacob Lekkerkerker (organ).

upcoming silence concerts
September 6, 2019
La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura, by Luigo Nono. Diamanda Dramm, violin, Wouter Snoei, sound direction.
October 4, 2019
Organist James McVinnie, with Bach, Pärt and new compositions for organ and electronics.


silence #22
2 August 2019
, 08:00 – 09:00 a.m.
Oude Kerk, Oudekerksplein (de wallen), Amsterdam
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photographer: maarten nauw