silence #19

1 March 2019

Early in the morning the Oude Kerk is a meditative oasis in the city, with an enervating sunrise that casts light through the church’s towering windows. At this early hour you can enjoy the Silence music programme, which provides a contemplative contrast to the normally hectic city centre.

the instrument of troubled dreams
Musicians have been performing concerts at the Oude Kerk for 400 years, usually music in ‘self-contained units’: the hermetical counterpoints of Sweelinck’s choral music, the walls of organ sound of prestigious Bach pieces. Cardiff & Miller’s The Instrument of Troubled Dreamsopens up the way people perform and listen to music, creates new spaces and balances sounds with silences. The Silence concerts performed during the exhibition The Instrument of Troubled Dreams are in keeping with this approach.

silence #19
The Silence concert on 1 March takes place around the choir of the Oude Kerk. The world of the mellotron is spatially ‘enlarged’, based on two compositions by Alvin Lucier (1931). In Lucier’s compositions Carbon Copies (1989) and Sizzles (1997), the sound of The Instrument of Troubled Dreamsweaves itself together with the sound of cello and bass clarinet. As a listener you create your own composition during the concert by moving through the church, or by choosing a fixed place.

The musicians of Silence # 19 are: Gareth Davis (bass clarinet), Pau Solas Masafrets (cello), Jacob Lekkerkerker (mellotron and organ), Carole Reis (organ).


silence #19: gareth davis, pau solas masafrets, jacob lekkerkerker and carole reis
1 March 2019
, 08:00 – 09:00
Oude Kerk, Oudekerksplein (de wallen), Amsterdam
free admission with We Are Public Pass (reserve your seat here)
tickets online

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