nachtelijke dwaling #5: ruchama noorda

November 15, 2014

oude kerk presents nachtelijke dwaling #5 (Nocturnal Walk #5) by ruchama noorda, a contemporary pilgrimage through the red light district. On Saturday November 15 the fifth edition of Nachtelijke Dwalingen will take place. Artist Ruchama Noorda will lead a walking tour and clean up crew through the Wallen and circling the Dam, the ancient trade and transport hub, and site of the naked Anabaptist uprising of 1535. The tour will map the secret history of Amsterdam via the lines of spiritual intensity, persecution, transcendence and immersion in the flesh that criss-cross at the city’s heart. The ‘dwaling’ will include breathing exercises and moments of silent meditation. Inside the supermarket housed in the Mercurius Building – named for Mercury, the Roman god of commerce – we will pause at the spot where the network of ley lines* on which Amsterdam is built converge. Our route will shadow at an angle the route around the Oude Kerk taken by the Silent Circumambulation (Stille Omgang), the Catholic ritual that takes place every year. The ‘dwaling’ begins at the Oude Kerk with an organ recital composed and performed by Gunnar Gunnsteinsson. Phoyo: Nachtelijke Dwaling #5, 2014, Oude Kerk © Eric Giraudet.