oude kerk collections: 1500 – now

until 31 October 2019

Discover the collection of the Oude Kerk and more than 700 years of history. The collection of the Oude Kerk contains objects from 1500 to today. The largest object in the collection is the church building itself. Present and past flow through and alongside each other in the Oude Kerk. This fall you will find work by contemporary artists in various places in the church who enter into a relationship with the building and its history.

The collection of the Oude Kerk consists of ca. 2600 objects and ca. 100 paintings and prints. The paintings of David Colijns, the army of the Pharaoh (1625) and Emmanuel de Witte, Interior of the Oude Kerk (17th century) belong to the Netherlands collection. The largest object in the collection is the church building itself. If you visit the Oude Kerk, you can discover traces of more than 700 years of history. A new audio tour encourages you to look even better at the art treasures discovered.

old + new
In the Oude Kerk, past and present go hand in hand. This fall you will see work by contemporary artists in different places in the church, who relate with the building and its history. Visit the Holy Sepulcher with the red stained glass window (2018) by Giorgio Andreotta Calò. Admire the pictorial light on the photo work, # 0095 [Inside] (2017), by Misha de Ridder. Find out how the boomerang, Do unto others … (1997), by Mona Hatoum and the monstrans (1549) are interconnected and much more.

This fall is also about caring for the building. As a visitor you can see how different elements in the Oude Kerk are restored and preserved. The misericordis in the High Choir have been restored in recent months. Wood-drilling insects were removed, holes were blocked and mechanical damage was repaired. A number of restoration activities are taking place around the windows in the Maria Chapel. Cracks in the brickwork are carefully sealed and the natural stone around the round window (rosette window) is repaired. The floral wallpaper in the Mirror room is also being restored. The loose pieces of wallpaper and cracks around the doors are being repaired and strengthened. After repairing the cracks, the damage is filled and retouched. The entire wallpaper is then thoroughly dusted and cleaned, allowing the original colors to show off again. And the facade of the Baptistry will be cleaned this summer and repaired in various places.

oude kerk
The Oude Kerk is the first church ever built in Amsterdam and the oldest building in the city. As a contemporary art institute housed in a historical monument, the Oude Kerk examines its past, current and future meanings and its dynamic environment as both a participant in and representative of the development of our society. Its history, cultural-historical values and architecture are considered continuous, its art being the discontinuous aspect that interrogates and reconsiders. In the Oude Kerk art and other historians collaborate on high-profile and influential presentations. In the Oude Kerk, contemporary art and heritage go hand in hand.