exceptional moments at the oude kerk

until August 16, 2020

Have you always wanted to spend the night in the Oude Kerk? Or are you looking for a special gift or an unforgettable date? This is your chance! During the last months of Poems for Earthlings we offer the opportunity to experience the Oude Kerk like never before. By buying tickets for these specials, you support us in a challenging time.

Special 1: On a date in the Oude Kerk – sold out
Would you like to surprise someone with a really impressive date? Why not book the Oude Kerk! We will stay open for an hour after opening hours, for you and your date only. For € 100 or 5 shifts as a volunteer. Interested? Mail to info@oudekerk.nl.

Special 2: A private concert at the Vater-Müller organ – sold out
Bring up to 4 guests to enjoy a private concert on the Vater-Müller organ by Matteo Imbruno, resident organist of the Oude Kerk. Matteo knows the organ like no other and will take you upstairs to show how it is played. For € 250 or 10 shifts as a volunteer. Interested? Mail to info@oudekerk.nl.

Special 3: A night in the Oude Kerk
The soundtrack of Poems for Earthlings lasts 8 hours. We are offering an overnight stay so you can hear the whole track. On July 2 (sold out) and August 6, 30 people are welcome to roll out their mats and sleeping bags and spend the night in church. A ticket costs € 100 and is available via this link.

Would you rather just support the Oude Kerk with a (small) donation? Click here to contribute!