POSTPONED: Dancing on the Graves


Please note: this program has been postponed because of the corona measures. As soon as a new date is known, we will announce it here.

Dancing on the Graves is a program curated by artist Germaine Kruip and writer/philosopher Simon(e) van Saarloos. They have invited performance artist Fazle Shairmahomed and musician OTION to give shape to a ritual that moves from individual focus to collective commemoration.

Germaine Kruip shares the invisible framework of her art: minimalistic alterations in the art space that call for maximum input from behind the scenes. Fazle Shairmahomed invites you to evoke your ancestors; both the ones whose names and background are known those that are unknown. He shares a decolonised dance, whilst OTION closes with music and spoken word in which queer identity and time become fluid: ““Black man looks purplein the moonlight, I’m made of rainbows but that’s not my phenotype. (…) When you figure me out I change my figure and I go… back to my liquid state”.

Dancing on the Graves in the Oude Kerk is designed as a COVID-proof event: you are assigned your own tombstone. Buried stories come together with activism and current grief. The program is part of ‘The World After: Conversation Pieces’: a project in which artists, writers and philosophers are invited to share their outlook on life after the coronavirus pandemic.

Dancing on the Graves
New date TBA