come closer: sound performance zeno van den broek and artist talk organist jacob lekkerkerker

August 14, 2015

Zeno van den Broek is fascinated by the experience of sound in and around the Oude Kerk. A significant contrast is noticeable between the noisiness in the immediate surroundings of the church and the silence within the church. The platform of Taturo Atzu adds a new layer to this contrast. A live performance, constructed from recordings of the environment of the church, the silence within the church and organ sounds, reveals the contrast between silence and noise, and the new position of the rooftop platform. Jacob Lekkerkerker is organist at the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam. He is known as an improviser and “organ pioneer who relates the classic organ sound to the world of digital audio.” For instance by combining the organ with turntables he creates a connection to other styles of music. Like no other Jacob knows the sounds of the old church and he will share his fascinating stories about the building as a ‘sound instrument’. Image: Come Closer: sound performance Zeno van den Broek and artist talk organist Jacob Lekkerkerker, 2015, oude kerk © Fleur van Muiswinkel.