come closer: performance dnk ensemble and geometrical performance waèl el allouche

20 February 2016, 17:32-18:32

This week Come Closer introduces the DNK Ensemble and artist Waèl el Allouche.

sound performance snake and ladders by dnk ensemble
The DNK Ensemble took the way Germaine Kruip and Will Holder played the composition The Entrance by Robert Ashley as a departure point for their performance. The organ was played by stacking coins on the keys, leaving the black keys ontouched. The DNK Ensemble created both vocal and visual references to various works in the exhibition, using action, sound, hoses, ladders, squares and anecdotes by Seamus Cater, Koen Nutters, Stein Bråten and Will Holder.

geometric performance by wael el allouche
El Allouche is interested in the way abstractions such as data and algorithms shape reality and vice versa. In the Oude Kerk he responded to the ornaments in the so-called Holy Grave with a projection of parts of the famous 13th century tomb of Zumurrud Khatun in Bagdad. He also recited poems of the medieval Persian scholar Omar Khayyam (1048-1131) to show which ideas on transcience and immortality are being expressed in different religions, using similar visual symbols and scientific means – like circles and circular movements as symbols that bring us closer to a higher power.

The programme of Come Closer is curated by Michiel van Iersel and Radna Rumping (Non-Fiction).

Photo: Come Closer 2016, Oude Kerk © Ernst van Deursen.