come closer: matthew day

15 March 2019

Choreographer Matthew Day presents Figures for Landscapes, a work for an ensemble of dancers that migrates across different sites with distinctive histories and social codes. The body of the dancer absorbs information from every location, overlaying the imprint of one space onto another, the choreographic material shifting in relation to its environment.

The research for the performance began in the tropics of Australia, followed by a first public performance in the Rose Garden of Vondelpark in 2018. Matthew Day developed a new site-specific version of Figures for Landscapes with three dancers for the historic space of the Oude Kerk, making contact with the sound installation by Cardiff and Miller. Just as The Instrument of Troubled Dreams distributes sounds that were recorded elsewhere, Matthew Day also uses field recordings he made during previous performances of Figures for Landscapes.

Matthew Day regards the body as an instrument and choreography as a technology to record and broadcast information. The body forms a portal to other locations where people come together – such as a park or a club. During the performance in the Oude Kerk, Day maps the architecture of the church. Site-specific movements from the Oude Kerk are added to the organically growing choreography, which in turn will be used in future performances of Figures for Landscapes.

Performers: Matthew Day, Tomislav Feller and Noha Ramadan.

The public programme Come Closer has been developed in relation to The Instrument of Troubled Dreams, a sound installation by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller in the Oude Kerk, curated by Jacqueline Grandjean. Come Closer is an in-depth programme of four intimate evenings curated by Radna Rumping, where visitors and artists explore the sonic space of the Oude Kerk with dance, performance and deep listening exercises.


come closer: matthew day
Friday 15 March 2019, 6-7 pm
Oude Kerk, Oudekerksplein (de wallen), Amsterdam
free admission with We Are Public pass (reserve your seat here)
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