come closer: amplified time

12 April 2019

During the last chapter of the Come Closer program in relation to The Instrument of Troubled Dreamsby Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, you are invited to listen beyond the here-and-now. ‘Here’ will still be the location of the Oude Kerk, but ‘now’ will be expanded into a possible past and a speculative future, during guided listening tours by Pamela Jordan and Jo Kali.

Pamela Jordan is an architect and heritage specialist who is currently a PhD candidate at the archeology department of UvA. In her work she tries to uncover historic practices and conditions through acoustic analysis. How can we experience sounds today as a continuation of a distant past? During a walk through the church, she will introduce this approach linked to the acoustics of the Oude Kerk. Jo Kali is a writer and musicologist. During Come Closer in January, she guided the audience through deep listening practices and sonic meditation. Tonight, she’ll contribute with an audio piece inviting visitors to engage with sound and listening as a means of questioning how we perceive and relate to our environment.

Video edited by Fán Liào which derives from the February edition of Come Closer will also be on view; Gemini Exit (Beeny’s Retirement) was a situation by Ivan Cheng featuring new sculptures by Kristoffer Zeiner, which dwelled on questions of agency without authorship. After the one hour program, the Koffieschenkerij will be open for a drink, at which point it will also be possible to play The Instrument of Troubled Dreams yourself until 20.00. The amount of tickets is limited, so reserve your seat online.

Come Closer has been developed in relation to The Instrument of Troubled Dreams, a sound installation by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller at the Oude Kerk, curated by Jacqueline Grandjean. Come Closer is a series of four intimate evenings curated by Radna Rumping, where visitors and artists explore the sonic space of the Oude Kerk with dance, performance and deep listening exercises.


come closer: amplified time
Friday 12 April 2019, 6-7 pm
Oude Kerk, Oudekerksplein (de wallen), Amsterdam
tickets online