playing the cathedral

After 5 years of restoration, the world-famous city organ of the Oude Kerk is ready to be played in May. Philip Glass officially inaugurate this so-called Vater-Müller organ on 11 May 2019. Composer and musician Nicolás Jaar recently created a new composition using both organs of the Oude Kerk. During the benefit dinner Playing The Cathedral, both greats perform in music to raise money for a new music fund for the Oude Kerk.

benefit dinner
On the occasion of the opening of the organ and the performance of the first composition, a historic benefit dinner will take place on 11 May 2019. The proceeds from this dinner go to a new fund that offers young, talented musicians the opportunity to make new work with the organ, the special acoustics, other instruments and sound sources from the Oude Kerk. The result is a new concert series, that gives the Oude Kerk the opportunity to play again an important role as a music stage. The scores for the new compositions will become part of the Oude Kerk collection and will be echoed worldwide.

spatial music
Already in the 16th century spatial music sounded in the Oude Kerk. It was Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, Netherlands’ greatest classical composer, who started the first public concert series in Northern Europe. The concerts are one-off experiences, not reproducible, just like the exhibitions in the Oude Kerk. The call for more music in the Oude Kerk already sounded long before the restoration of the Vater-Müller organ. With the completion of this immense restoration, it is time to realize that ambition. A new music fund is created by means of a benefit dinner, which guarantees music in the Oude Kerk for the next 5 years. Unique to this musical future is the use of the space and architecture of the Oude Kerk. This again gives content to spatial music.