oude kerk awarded multi-year grant by the city of amsterdam!

Emma Nieuws

For the first time in its existence, Oude Kerk has been included in the City of Amsterdam’s Kunstenplan (Arts and Culture Memorandum), providing a multi-year grant. This is a huge boost, as it implies great regard for the artistic course and the programming of contemporary art that is being pursued. From 2017, Oude Kerk will be supported by a subsidy of €175,000 per annum. To quote from the evaluation report of the committee for fine art, photography, new media and architecture:

‘The focus is on transhistoricity. In the committee’s view, this means that Oude Kerk possesses a distinct vision for the way in which the city’s oldest historical monument can be brought to life with contemporary art, without losing the respect and love for the prominent historical heritage.
After the restoration was completed in 2013, Oude Kerk sprung a surprise with its focus on large-scale contemporary art projects in the church. In the short space of time since its reopening, Oude Kerk has succeeded in establishing a strong, contemporary and consequential profile. Within three years the foundation has evolved into an ambitious commissioner of international artists for exceptional projects with a special relationship to the unique location. From radical interventions to respectful homage, in the committee’s opinion, the recent projects have demonstrated a great power of expression. Thus Oude Kerk distinguishes itself appreciably from what is happening elsewhere in the city, in the realm of contemporary art as well as in that of historical patrimony.”

Oude Kerk would like to thank the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK, or Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) and the City of Amsterdam for their faith in the future of the city’s oldest building and Amsterdam’s newest art institution.