the square reviewed

Emma Nieuws

about the last exhibition, geometry of the scattering by germaine kruip

[…] The work of Germaine Kruip in the exhibition Geometry of the Scattering questioned the ancient geometric shapes, and replaced them in the architectural space of Oude Kerk. […] Walking in a big imaginary square you were taken by an actor on a geometrical tour through the church. This one-to-one performance with the title A square, spoken (2015) brought the participant in a confusing position: as observer, as partner and as performer, all at the same time. […] At the end of the twenty-minute-long tour you perceived the architecture of Oude Kerk in an entirely different way: full of squares that you didn’t notice before.

A square, spoken is developed especially for the exhibition Geometry of the Scattering, which was on view at Oude Kerk until March 28, 2016. The performance travels now to Cuckatoo Island and will be part of the Sydney Biennale (March 18, June 5 2016)

Jacqueline Grandjean