Reporter: Maarten Zeegers

Rene Boer


Maarten Zeegers is a journalist and writer, who lived in Damascus during the start of the first protests in 2011. He was one of the few journalists still reporting from the ground until his arrest later in the conflict and wrote a book about his experiences. Back in the Netherlands, he started working on his next project, for which he pretended to be a muslim and moved into a muslim community in The Hague. His latest book is a detailed and revealing report from the inside of an otherwise closed-off world.

For Misericordia, Zeegers will delve into the particular story of a young man who was stuck in the Syrian city of Homs and needed 800 euro to be allowed to leave. An older lady from Amsterdam got to know about his situation through a radio show and decided to pay this amount for him. The Syrian man left Homs and has fled to Germany, where he still is. Zeegers plans to talk to both the lady and the man about this incidental act of mercy, its impact on their lives and the possible up- and downsides of such an act.

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