Misericordia Podcasts: Lina Issa, Merve Bedir, BeAnotherLab

Rene Boer

During the second Misericordia-event Arif Kornweitz of the online radio for the arts Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee interviewed some of the reporters, performers and artists related to the project. First he spoke to architect and Misericordia-reporter Merve Bedir, and JJ Devereaux and Daanish Masood of the artist collective BeAnotherLab. As part of her work for Misericordia Bedir had invited BeAnotherLab to set up their VR installation in which participants can ‘swap bodies’. In the second podcast artist Lina Issa relays the story which she used during her performance, responding to the work of Misericordia-reporter Maarten Zeegers. Both podcasts can be listened below. Podcasts from the first Misericordia evening are in Dutch and can be found here.

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