Misericordia: In search of new mercy

Rene Boer

Right now there is a pressing and urgent call to our sense of ‘mercy’. But what does the age-old adage ‘love your neighbour’ mean today? Who is our neighbour in this day and age? Would those in need of help benefit most from more or less empathy? And aren’t we primarily helping ourselves by doing good?

This publication brings together different asnwers to these and other questions and findings from a search for new definitions and applications of the notion of mercy. It is the product of the multiyear research project Misericordia, which is Latin for mercy, developed by the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam in close collaboration with Non-fiction. With contributions by a.o. journalists, artists, scholars, care providers, former drug addicts, a pastoress and an imam.

This publication can be ordered by sending an e-mail to info@oudekerk.nl

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