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painting of the oude kerk’s interior, seen from the transept organ towards the pulpit



The viewpoint into the church for this painting is from the north side, from the St George Chapel. To the right in the foreground you can see part of the transept organ, with the columns of the nave with a pulpit behind it. After the Alteration, there was a greater emphasis on the word of the minister, who spoke from the pulpit. The painting is by B.M. Bijtelaar, who was connected with the Oude Kerk as an archivist, and as an artist left behind a great many paintings and drawings.

Locatie:particuliere verzameling
Maker:Bep Bijtelaar
Aantal onderdelen:1
Afmetingen:h. 60,5 x b. 53 cm
Materiaal:oil paint
Periode:20th century