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The departure of the first East Indiaman


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This painting depicts the departure of the first East Indiamen in 1595 and was painted between 1600 and 1625 by an unknown artist. Four ships joined this first trade expedition to Bantam and Java, of which three returned. The painting illustrates how ships flying the flags of the Republic and the Province of Holland send off the members of the expedition in the IJ waterway. Amsterdam’s skyline can be seen in the background, with the Oude Kerk and Nieuwe Kerk towering high above the other buildings.

Aantal onderdelen:1
Afmetingen:met lijst: h. 84 cm, b. 202,5 cm
Literatuur:Fotocommissie Rijksmuseum App. 1189.
Locatie:Sacristie, Kamer van commissarissen van huwelijkse zaken, spiegelkamer
Periode:17th century