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Interior of the Oude Kerk by Emanuel de Witte


 A'dam OK 298

This painting of the Oude Kerk’s interior was produced by the renowned Dutch painter Emanuel de Witte (Alkmaar 1617 – Amsterdam 1692). This oil painting from 1661 shows the church’s interior seen from the south side of the transept. The transept organ from 1659 and the pulpit from 1600 are included in the painting. The painting is part of the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency’s collection and currently hangs in the Amsterdam Museum.


Locatie:Amsterdam Historisch museum, bruikleen Stichting Oude Kerk
Maker:Emanuel de Witte
Afmetingen:met lijst: h. 124 cm, b. 146 cm
Literatuur:- Ilse Manke, Emanuel de Witte, A'dam 1963, 1617-1692, nr. 50, p. 89, pl. 50. - Marijke Carasso-Kok, Amsterdam Historisch, Bussum, 1975, pp. 100-101, pl. 182-183. - Janse, p. 228 en 260. - Foto-commissie Rijksmuseum App. 1191.
Periode:17th century