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painting of a jewish high priest


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This painting is a fragment of a larger work, as demonstrated by the remnants of a text at the top of the painting. It shows a Jewish high priest, portrayed from the front. He is wearing a two-horned head covering set with jewels and a robe with a golden chain with red gemstones. The work is probably a fragment of an altarpiece from 1555 painted by Pieter Aertsen, nicknamed Lange Pier, or ‘Tall Pete’. The altarpiece probably depicts a circumcision or wedding ceremony.

Maker:Pieter Aertsen
Afmetingen:met lijst: h. 63,5 cm, b. 59,6 cm
Opmerkingen:mogelijk een fragment van het altaarstuk van Pieter Aertsen (Lange Pier).
Literatuur:- Friedlander, Early Netherlandisch painting, XIII, nr. 209, p. 90, pl. 105: "St. Nicholas" "Signed and dated 1561". - Janse, p. 137 en 260. - Foto-commissie Rijksmuseum App. 1194.
Periode:16th century