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Mayors in stained glass


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After the Alteration of 1578, the oldest church in Amsterdam gained two stained-glass windows with the coat of arms of the mayors of Amsterdam. The first window depicts coats of arms from 1578 to 1757, the second covers the period from 1757 to 1795. The windows are composed of 18 rows of six coats of arms. Near the top are two armored warriors, one with the old coat of arms of Amsterdam, the Cog, and the other with the city’s new coat of arms, a shield with three crosses.


Locatie:oostwand noorder - en zuiderzijbeuk
Maker:Jan van Bronchorst, Pieter Jansz.
Aantal onderdelen:2
Literatuur:Janse, p. 364
Locatie:Noorderzijbeuk Zuiderzijbeuk
Periode:17th century